Atom 在 Windows 下内存占用过高(2G)




用用Phpstorm 就知道什么叫占用内存,这都不算事情的,正常,无需大惊小怪


才吃2g 叫个鸡儿 我最高的时候吃了 3.7个g







使用notepad++, 30M,内存, 包括插件纯C++实现,高速,IDE效果见


I sometimes think Atom should release a simplified version,and this version will no longer take so large…

And I wonder why my atom use only 100+MB


Maybe you are editing some large project,as I was just writing some code to solve OI problems.


By the way,I used to produce a .out file (such as freopen something in C++),it have made a 43.5GB .out file (in my ubuntu),and atom crashed as well.After I tried to open it again,it crashed once more.So I have to use beta atom in my ubuntu,I love this text editor very much,but I think something must be done to have a light,quick Atom feeling.